Instadapp Avalanche

Deployed addresses

Below are all the addresses of Core Contracts of the DSL ecosystem on Avalanche:

List of other Instadapp related address (non core to DSAs):

Networks and Underlying meanings

  • Index: This is the Main Contract for all the DeFi Smart Accounts. Used for creating a new DeFi Smart Account of a user and to run a cast function in the new smart account.
  • InstaList: Maintains a registry of all the DeFi Smart Account users using a Linked List. Using the user’s address, a smart account Id is created which is later mapped to get a smart account address. With this address, an account link is created which is utilised to add and remove accounts from the LinkedList.
  • InstaAccounts: It’s the DeFi Smart Account Wallet. All smart accounts that are created are a clone of this contract.
  • InstaConnectors: Holds a registry of all the Connectors associated with InstaDapp. An array of all the connectors is maintained using their address.
  • InstaMemory: All the data (bytes, uint, address and Storage Id) for the cast function are stored in this contract.

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