How to take and payback flashloan on polygon chain?

const token = "0x0d500b1d8e8ef31e21c99d1db9a6444d3adf1270" // wmatic token address on polygon const amount = web3.utils.toWei('100', 'ether') const amountWithFee = web3.utils.toWei('100.09', 'ether') let spells = new dsa.Spell()spells.add({      connector: 'INSTAPOOL-C',      method: 'flashPayback',      args: [token, amountWithFee, 0, 0],})const cd = dsa.instapool_v2.encodeFlashCastData(spells);let flashloanWrappedSpells = new dsa.Spell();console.log(cd)flashloanWrappedSpells.add({      connector: 'INSTAPOOL-C',      method: 'flashBorrowAndCast',      args: [ token , amount, 1, cd, "0x"],})console.log(dsa.instance)console.log(dsa.encodeSpells(flashloanWrappedSpells))// keep adding spells across DeFi protocols to execute.console.log("Transaction hash:",            await dsa.cast({spells:flashloanWrappedSpells})            .catch(err => {console.log(err)})           )

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