MakerDao Resolver

Maker Resolver fetch Vault Position of user, Collateral-Type Details, DSR Position and etc. You can view details like source code, ABIs on Etherscan.

  • Different Collateral-Types: ETH-A, USDC-A, BAT-A

Get Vaults

Fetch all of the Vaults detail owned by an address.

addressaddressThe user address.

Returns: Object with all the Vaults details. Object key is Vault ID.

"3245": {
  "owner": "0x981C549A74Dc36Bd82fEd9097Bc13904E8db14f9",
  "colName": "ETH-A",
  "token": "ETH",
  "col": 0.4,
  "debt": 41,
  "liquidatedCol": 0,
  "rate": 0,
  "price": 216.54,
  "status": 0.4733536529047751,
  "liquidation": 0.6666666666666667,
  "urn": "0xcC0e5E76eC81aD472D6Df9fC83eaE22E1000Fe53"
"971": {...}
Return ParameterTypeDescription
owneraddressThe user address.
colNamestringCollateral name. Eg - ETH-A, USDC-A, etc.
tokenstringCollateral token. Eg - ETH, USDC, etc.
colnumberAmount of collateral deposited.
debtnumberAmount of debt borrowed.
liquidatedColnumberUnlocked collateral when the vault gets liquidated.
ratenumberBorrow APY.
pricenumberCollateral price of Maker's oracle.
statusnumberVault status.
Mulitply by 100 to convert it into %.
liquidationnumberPosition breakage limit.
Mulitply by 100 to convert it into %.
urnaddressThe Vault address

Get Collateral Info

Fetch the collateral type details.


Returns: Object with all the Collateral Types. Object key is Collateral Type.

"ETH-A" : {
  "price": 215.56044374049998,
  "rate": 0,
  "ratio": 0.6666666666666667,
  "token": "ETH"
"BAT-A" : {...},
Return ParameterTypeDescription
pricenumberCollateral price w.r.t USD from Maker's Oracle.
ratenumberBorrow rate.
rationumberLiquidation ratio.
tokennumberCollateral token.

Get DAI Position

Fetch the DAI DSR position of an address.

addressaddressUser address


  "balance": 5.068008860190327,
  "rate": 0
Return ParameterTypeDescription
balancenumberDAI balance in DSR.
ratenumberDAI saving rate.


Fetch the DAI saving rate.



  "rate" : 2
Return ParameterTypeDescription
ratenumberDAI Saving Rate in %.

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