Kyber Resolver

Kyber Resolver to get buy and sell details. You can view details like source code, ABIs on Etherscan.

Get buy amount.

Get buy token details like amount and unit amount.

dsa.kyber.getBuyAmount(buyToken, sellToken, sellAmt, slippage);
buyTokenstringThe buy token symbol.
sellTokenstringThe sell token symbol.
sellAmtnumberThe amount of tokens to sell. Amount to be written in normal form eg - 1.1 ETH, 100 DAI.
slippagenumberThe slippage in percent eg - 1 means 1%, 10 means 10%, etc.

Returns: Object of buy token details.

  buyAmt: "2208.0499999999997",
  buyAmtRaw: "2208050000000000000000",
  unitAmt: "216388900000000000000"
Return ParameterTypeDescription
buyAmtnumber/stringExpected buy token amount.
buyAmtRawnumber/stringExpected buy token amount in decimal form.
unitAmtnumber/stringThe unit amount is the minimum amount of buy token expected per sell token. It is calculated with the help of slippage. The parameter is passed directly in the kyber connector.

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