Basic Functions


Transfer tokens.

  "token": "eth||0x....", // the token key to transfer or address
  "amount": dsa.tokens.fromDecimal(1, "eth"), // this helper changes the amount to decimal value
  "to" : to, // default is DSA address
  "from": from, // defualt is user's address
  "gasPrice": gasPrice // estimate gas price*
}).then(data  => {
    return  data  // transaction hash
}).catch(error  => {
    return  error
  • View our Gist for estimation of gas price.


String Transaction hash.

tokenstring/addressThe token key or token address to transfer.
amountnumber/stringThe amount of tokens to transfer. Here the helper changes the amount to decimal value.
toaddress(Optional) The token recipient address. If not defined, default (DSA address) will be used.
fromaddress(Optional) Transaction sender account address. If not defined default (user address) will be used.
gasPricestring/number(Optional) This is the estimated gas price.

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